A question that comes to mind when one hears about us is- What is Poppy Co.? Simply put, Poppy Co. is the urban styling company! We aspire to be the premier style solutions company for all realms of life. Be it Work, Home or Outdoors- Poppy Co. aims to capture all and be your one stop for style needs. Hence, our diverse yet unified field of work.

We believe in the motto of Work Hard- Play Hard- Party Hard: The Perfect triad of Work-Life Balance. Our services are dedicated to assist your daily work and living with an emancipated sense of style. We have specialised offerings to meet your professional, personal and event related needs. If something is unlisted on our website, please feel free to contact us nonetheless. We offer a wide range of related ad-hoc services which make up an exhaustive and never ending list.

As much as we like all things style, we also deeply care and strongly advocate about mental health concerns and issues. We are proud to be a mental health sensitive company and allow our clients and employees to fully express their emotional range with much care and complete acceptance. Our work and client handling is extremely sensitive to the well being of all individuals. Being one of the first of a kind company, you will realise that dealing with us is a therapeutic alliance. Periodically we feature mental health advocacy in our digital platforms and provide expert consult to corporates and organizations on the same.

Our blog sphere is dedicated to life & lifestyle. This blog forum is a celebration of work, relationships, events and more! Our expert featured writers pen down tips that will be extremely useful to you. So dear reader. follow us on a social media platform of your liking- facebook, instagram, twitter or our blog and keep yourself updated on the latest trends and our offerings!

Keep Shining!